Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment is also referred to as "PPE". It is equipment that is worn to help minimize the exposure to hazards in the workplace that may cause injuries and illnesses. So essentially, it is crucial to have PPE in your workplace! It is an OSHA requirement to properly train employees to know the following … Continue reading Personal Protective Equipment

Why Conduct Safety Inspections?

It is proven that most companies only conduct Safety Inspections because they have to. OSHA has a crucial rule that employers are required to provide their staff with a workplace that is free from hazards, and situations that are likely to cause harm to their employees. Not only will workplace safety inspections meet your OSHA … Continue reading Why Conduct Safety Inspections?

Safe Lifting is VERY Important!

Across the country, lifting heavy objects is very common for many employees. Unfortunately, lifting items improperly it may lead to injuries. We don't want that right?! 25% of all occupational injuries is due to the manual handing of object improperly. (The National Safety Council) Here are some tips on how to stay safe when lifting … Continue reading Safe Lifting is VERY Important!

React Safe and Smart in an Active Shooter Situation.

Unfortunately, all over the news we've been hearing a lot of stories about active shooters. Here are some tips on how you can be prepared if you or your staff are ever in this situation: Run to a safe place as soon as possible! Don't worry about your belongings, your life is more important. Silence … Continue reading React Safe and Smart in an Active Shooter Situation.

June is National Safety Month!

Safety is so important that it has an ENTIRE MONTH dedicated to it! How cool is that?! Here are a few statistics that show how not being compliant with safety can affect our day to day lives. Did you know that statistics show that falls at home resulted in 21,00 deaths?! (National Safety Council Chartbook) … Continue reading June is National Safety Month!

Unfortunate Events in London

After hearing about the tragic events that occurred in London, I just want to say that the team here at Safety-N-Compliance Services, Inc. is sending all of our thoughts and prayers to the families and people affected by this time. Everyday our society is challenged by different obstacles that verifies the importance of safety compliance. … Continue reading Unfortunate Events in London


So we finally are approaching spring with the nice weather lately. Just went to go over information for all of us who will be starting our outdoor activities relating to Ticks! Lyme disease is an illness caused by bacteria which can be transmitted by the bite of an infected deer tick. Many people don’t remember … Continue reading TICKS AND LYME DISEASE