OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards for Dentistry

OSHA has specific regulations following the safety of Bloodborne Pathogens in the dentistry industry. It is important to have an effective Exposure Control Plan(ECP) that everyone in the dental office is aware of. That way, your customers will be better protected.

EHS has conducted a survey that dental practices participated in which released quite surprising information:

  • 28% did not have a written site-specific ECP, including 4% who didn’t know whether or not they even had one.
  • 50% without an ECP had no plans to implement one.
  • 20% with a plan had not implemented all of the elements.
  • 24% with a plan had not reviewed it within the last year.
  • 65% did not use needles with sharps injury prevention features
  • 15% did not offer HBV Vaccine to its employees and another 8% did not know if they did or not.

It is extremely important to be aware of all the dangers!!

Stay safe and always remember, YOUR SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL.


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