Why Conduct Safety Inspections?

It is proven that most companies only conduct Safety Inspections because they have to. OSHA has a crucial rule that employers are required to provide their staff with a workplace that is free from hazards, and situations that are likely to cause harm to their employees.

Not only will workplace safety inspections meet your OSHA requirements, they will also be vital in preventing injuries for not only you, but your staff as well! So don’t look at Safety Inspections as a chore, look at it as an asset to keep your team safe and showing you really do care about their overall well-being.

There is a process called the Deming Cycle, that helps to ensure safety inspections take place. Here are the steps:

  • Plan: Define the purpose and set expectations.
  • Do: Define an inspection safety strategy, collect observations, and perform the initial correction.
  • Study: Periodically review data collected, identify gaps and trends.
  • Act: Give feedback, develop action plans, and make data-driven decisions.


If you make your program as enjoyable as it can be, and give it a great purpose, people will do it because they want to!

Stay safe and always remember, YOUR SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL!

Safety-N-Compliance Services, Inc.





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