Yesterday was Fork Lift Safety Day!

Considering June 13th was National Forklift Safety Day, I am here to tell you all about some common Forklift Hazards and how you and your staff can avoid them!

Sadly, in 2014-2015 there were 23 deaths and almost 500 non-fatal injuries in result from vehicular collisions in workplaces! (Health and Safety Executive)

Some common hazards are:

  • Unstable vehicle – please be aware of your forklifts load capacity. You can make yourself aware of this by looking at a data plate found on your truck.
  • Not aware of your route/destination – You may be given a route that brings you through a workplace with obstacles including a difficult environment to maneuver your truck through. If this occurs, find a safer direction!
  • Speeding with your forklift – uh-oh. Not complying with the speed limit can cause accidents. Make sure you be aware of the speed limit at all times to avoid that.

Have a successful driving experience  each and every day by staying SAFE.

We are always here to help!

516-690-SAFE (7233)


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