Intense heat has arrived!

It is extremely scary to know that exposure to intense heat can cause illness and even death! It’s crucial to be aware the signs and symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke so you can take proper precaution.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion:

  • Headache, dizziness, or fainting
  • Weakness and wet skin
  • Irritability or confusion
  • Thirst, nausea, or vomiting

Symptoms of Heat Stroke:

  • May be unable to think clearly, pass out, or collapse
  • May stop sweating

To prevent Heat Illness, as am employer you should:

  • Establish a complete heat illness prevention program
  • Provide heat stress training and how to prevent the hazards that follow it
  • Provide a lot of cold water!! Workers should consume at least one pint of water every hour.


The heat that the summer months bring can be BRUTAL. Make sure to follow proper guidelines to prevent heat illness and have a great summer!

Stay healthy and safe!! We are ALWAYS here to help!

516-690-SAFE (7233)



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