June is National Safety Month!

Safety is so important that it has an ENTIRE MONTH dedicated to it! How cool is that?!

Here are a few statistics that show how not being compliant with safety can affect our day to day lives.

  • Did you know that statistics show that falls at home resulted in 21,00 deaths?! (National Safety Council Chartbook)
  • Did you know 235,000 people aged 15 years or older make a visit to an emergency room due to bathroom-related injuries?! (The centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Did you know that one-third of the NYS work force sleep deprived? (NSC) And, 846 deaths occurred in 2014 due being drowsy while driving?! (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Not being compliant with proper safety procedures affect everyone’s lives not only in the work-force but also outside of the work-force in personal lives!

So here are a few tips:

Staying safe from falls:

  1. Put electrical cords and phone cords out of sight in high traffic areas so no one can trip over them.
  2. Make sure your home as well as your office is well-lit.
  3. Always clean up spills as soon as they happen!


Staying safe from accidents due to drowsiness:

  1. Make it a point to go to sleep at a time that allows you to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.
  2. Set a consistent bed-time and a wake-up time… even on weekends.
  3. Don’t drive if you feel too tired!


Have a wonderful day, stay healthy & SAFE!!

We are always here to help!

516-690-SAFE (7233)







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