Unfortunate Events in London

After hearing about the tragic events that occurred in London, I just want to say that the team here at Safety-N-Compliance Services, Inc. is sending all of our thoughts and prayers to the families and people affected by this time.

Everyday our society is challenged by different obstacles that verifies the importance of safety compliance.

Is your business facility following proper safety procedures? Is your team fully knowledgeable of safety procedures? Are you being cautious and compliant?

You never know what could happen! The best thing to do is to educate not only yourself, but your team as well; so no matter what obstacle arises, you can work together to the best of your ability to stay safe!

In an event like the London Shooting, it is essential to have an already established Emergency Action Plan due to the chance of being affected. You should consult with a safety specialist to create a plan that contains step by step instructions and evacuation procedures for an emergency escape. You should also consult with a safety specialist on Active Shooter Preparedness and go over how to instruct all staff on how to handle the threat or use of deadly force.

Stay healthy and Safe!!

We’re here to help you always! Your safety – is our GOAL.

(516) 690-SAFE (7233)









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