Good Morning,

As I write there is an active shooter attack occurring in STOCKHOLM. I can not stress this enough to everyone, Every business should have an ACTIVE SHOOTER Plan. All your staff should be trained on active shooter.

Some quick facts, when an active shooter situation occurs, everyone runs! This is the worst thing to happen! As law enforcement will have no clue of who belongs on the premises. Law enforcement enters the premises in 4’s, they are trained to clear the premise’s first.Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Typically, the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims.Because active shooter situations are often over within 10 to 15 minutes, before law enforcement arrives on the scene, individuals must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation.
Good practices for coping with an active shooter situation• Be aware of your environment and any possible dangers• Take note of the two nearest exits in any facility you visit• If you are in an office, stay there and secure the door• If you are in a hallway, get into a room and secure the door• As a last resort, attempt to take the active shooter down. When the shooter is at close range and you cannot flee, your chance of survival is much greater if you try to incapacitate him/her. CALL 911 WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO!

We are here to guide / help your business with an ACTIVE SHOOTER PLAN!

As always, feel free to contact me, or 516-690-SAFE(7233).







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