This post is from my Linkedin Safety Group: I feel this is an important topic to post, as we all use electrical extension cords.

Recently a friend of mine was cited by OSHA – not once, but twice, for a cord on the floor. Once as a tripping hazard, once as an electrical hazard (the cord ran through an open door). These were TWO separate serious citations, totaling approximately $9500

It’s a given – cords have to be on the floor or the ground – sometimes. But we can always do more to minimize the potential for trips and falls and electrical contact –

  • Hang them, wherever and whenever possible
  • Roll them up and secure them after unplugging lifts or when not in use
  • DO NOT run over with lifts, scaffolds, or other equipment. Where a cord is crossing an aisle way, have someone pick it up as you traverse under. There should NEVER be an excuse for driving over a cord.
  • Don’t run cords over sharp edges such as bottom track or temp door bucks
  • Keep them off to the sides of hallways and walkways if they MUST be on the floor
  • If a cord must be run through a doorway, ensure the door is blocked so it can’t pinch the cord
  • Provide a sufficient number of drops to minimize the use of extension cords overall
  • Use battery operated tools. Build a shelf at the temp location to support chargers…

Always feel free to contact me!



I am here to help KEEP YOU SAFE!





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