If OSHA were to inspect your Agriculture/Farm operation at this moment how many safety and compliance issues will they discover? How much would the FINE$ total? Although the percentage of the Agriculture/Farming workforce is small, the amount of accidents certainly isn’t; every year thousands of Agriculture workers are injured, and hundreds are killed! Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the nation, so don’t wait to change your attitude towards safety measures until a serious injury or accident occurs.


Most fatal accidents and injuries are from tractors, unprotected machinery or miss-operated equipment. All agriculture operations are supposed to have a safety and compliance program in place for the protection of employees and visitors. It is the law to implement safety procedures. In the long run it reduces operating costs by reducing fines, insurance premiums and a reduced numbers of accidents that will decrease lost working days that come with injury. For every dollar invested in a safety program the result amounts to a $4.00 return on your investment. By emphasizing safety procedures you will boost staff productivity, protect your reputation and shield yourself and your operation from legal action.

We can help your agricultural operation be prepared and safe. We offer a FREE first-time consultation. We will conduct an on-site safety and compliance evaluation to find the unseen risks and hazards. From there we will be able to guide you on how we can work together to improve your operation’s safety and compliance. Safety management is a team effort and employers must stress the importance of creating a positive safety culture. It’s every employer’s responsibility to make sure that all employees work in a safe and compliant environment.

Here is a brief list of common agriculture safety hazards that we can help with:

  1. Tractors
  2. Machinery Entanglements
  3. Fall Prevention
  4. Poor Housekeeping
  5. Confined Spaces
  6. Electrical Issues
  7. Safety Plans / Proper Training
  8. Proper Personal Protective Equipment and First Aid supplies


We are here to help you! Always feel free to contact us anytime!

Email us at or Call us at 516-690-SAFE (7233)




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