Senate votes to scrap OSHA’s ‘Volks’ record keeping rule

Washington – The Senate on March 23 joined the House by voting to overturn a final rule from OSHA that addresses employers’ “ongoing obligation” to make and maintain accurate records of work-related injury and illness data. The Senate voted 50-48 to pass a joint resolution disapproving the so-called “Volks” rule, which OSHA issued in the … Continue reading Senate votes to scrap OSHA’s ‘Volks’ record keeping rule

Safety Leadership: Safety on the upswing

After years of downturn and cutbacks, leaders are likely to face a different problem in the coming year: How do they keep their people safe with the comeback of oil prices? This problem is two-edged. First, and most important, how do leaders prevent serious and fatal events while rebuilding the workforce? Second, how can leaders … Continue reading Safety Leadership: Safety on the upswing


If OSHA were to inspect your Agriculture/Farm operation at this moment how many safety and compliance issues will they discover? How much would the FINE$ total? Although the percentage of the Agriculture/Farming workforce is small, the amount of accidents certainly isn’t; every year thousands of Agriculture workers are injured, and hundreds are killed! Agriculture is … Continue reading AGRICULTURE SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE